In my daily work I don't do presentations, but I've found your course very useful for conference calls with people of other countries."

Patricio Costa, Amadeus, Buenos Aires, August 2018

Joanna’s “Plain English Course” is a must for my team. We sometimes forget about the importance of being simple and straightforward when we write. Joanna makes the course easy-going and fun. I even recommend to take it more than once !!!"

Juan Pablo Rothschild (Partner at Marval, O'Farrell & Mairal)

I highly recommend Joanna Richardson’s plain English courses to all my team. Her courses are a must for any lawyer who wants to be able to express themselves concisely and effectively in English. She has a strong grasp of the different legal terms both in American as well as British English and is extremely didactic.”

Elías Bestani (Partner at Marval, O'Farrell & Mairal)

Effective Presentations is a very dynamic course created by Joanna Richardson and tailored for the client’s needs. It takes into account cultural differences and both content and activities adapt to different workplace needs. We have delivered this course to groups of managers from countries like Argentina, Romania, Italy and Mexico, with excellent results."

Cecilia Pesce, Tenaris Corporate Employee Communications Manager

We asked Joanna back a second time to teach Public Speaking to our Managers in Tenaris, Romania, because I was sure that having Joanna as trainer for this course, I would not make experiments – I was sure that the course would be the best we could find.”

Florin Dulgheri, TenarisUniversity Regional Coordinator, Romania.

Joanna’s track record in teaching and helping lawyers gives her unique expertise in this field. Her workshops/courses cover issues and tasks that are always useful for lawyers, in particular, and for business relations, in general. The materials provided by her are of daily usage."

Maria Lorena Schiariti, partner Marval, O’Farrell Mairal

I really enjoyed the 4 day workshop with Marcela and Joanna. What I consider the best were all the role-playings just because I could put in practice all the knowledge of "public speaking" training. My team also performs better thanks to the training."

Ing. Fernando Pablo SOTERO, Customer Focus Manager